Orange Peel, Sunflower Petals, Cloves, Table Salt


Orange Peel – Rich in fiber, vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, calcium and other nutrients.  Love, divination, luck & money.

Sunflower Petals – Self-confidence, money-drawing, happiness, positivity, self-love, wealth, luck & fertility.  Used to dispel depression.

Cloves – Full of antioxidants, kills bacteria & promotes bone health.  Protection & friendship.

Table Salt – Essential mineral, act as electrolytes.  Helps w/ fluid balance, nerve transmission and muscle function.  Represents home, sacred space cleaning & protection circles.



Ingesting ingredients could lead to serious illness or death.  Please be aware of any allergies to components before use.

Abundance Bath Salt

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    Self-care is extremely important, so why not make it a ritual? 

    Triple Moon Bath Co. uses local and organic flowers & herbs to create our bath salts.  We are also vegan-friendly as well.  All handcrafted with love, a little magic and intention.

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